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About AKU-EB

Aga Khan University Examination Board is a Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education established by The Aga Khan University in August 2003 to offer examination services for both Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) throughout Pakistan and abroad.

AKU-EB's primary purpose is to improve the quality of education by making examinations of reputable standard more accessible to Pakistani students and having them increasingly valued by leading higher education institutions in and outside the country.

Using modern day technology and research throughout each tier of its exam development and assessment process, the Board upholds its mission to provide high-quality and credible examinations, professional development for teachers and long-term development of expertise in assessment and testing in Pakistan.

Our education system requires constant demand for active teaching and learning in the classroom. Focusing on this aspect, Aga Khan University Examination Board has developed its own Learning Support Site to bring together students and educators from across Pakistan to a common platform where they can find useful resource material, share their expert knowledge and interchange innovative ideas.

This site provides various resources to anyone interested in learning including: access to our televised Class IX lessons, Laat: Endeavour for Change, complete with online MCQs, instructional support DVDs and interactivity with the subject specialists; professional development opportunities for teachers to build capacity in their fields of interest; and supplementary learning materials for students to facilitate the implementation of active learning in the Secondary and Higher Secondary School.