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Following its Secondary and Higher Secondary School syllabuses AKU-EB has initiated the process of developing a middle school framework. Throughout 2010 more than 650 teachers from different parts of the country participated in 28 consultative workshops held in Karachi and in Lahore.

Starting with grade VIII, AKU-EB has developed schemes of studies in five subjects English, Urdu, General Science, Mathematics and Social Studies to be introduced to schools in 2011.

These schemes of studies were developed with strong input from school teachers to determine the key learning outcomes for teaching, assessment and reporting purposes in the middle years. The AKU-EB middle school scheme of studies:
The scheme of studies places an emphasis on the fundamental skills needed to succeed at and beyond school level, particularly in the areas of literacy, numeracy, scientific investigation and cultural understanding.
Among other skills these schemes of studies will enable students to develop logical reasoning by making meaning and learning cooperatively as well as individually.


In English students will develop knowledge, skills and understanding of English language and literature and the ability to listen, read and write with purpose, effect and confidence. They will develop knowledge of the ways in which language varies according to context and a sound grasp of language structures, spelling and grammar.

The three broad strands of English are:


Mathematics involves the development of students' thinking, understanding, competence and confidence in the application of mathematics.

The broad strands of Mathematics are:

General Sciences

In Science, students develop competence, confidence and responsibility in their interactions with science.

The three broad strands of Science are:

Social Studies

Social Studies involves the development of students' comprehension, observation, creativity, questioning, application and evaluation skills.

The broad strands of Social Studies are: